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.com    $12.39  generic domain
.net    $12.39  generic domain
.org    $12.39  generic domain
.biz    $12.39  generic domain
.info   $12.39  generic domain
  $16.75  Sponsored TLD
  $16.75  register .at domain Austria
  $11.39  Belgian .be domain Belgium
.berlin $45.00
 New TLD (donuts)
  $29.75  register .bz domain Belize
  $12.95  Canadian .ca domain Canada
  $29.75  register .cc domain Cocos Island
.center $21.75
 New TLD (donuts)
  $25.75  register .ch domain Switzerland
.church $39.00
 New TLD (donuts)
 $21.75  New TLD (donuts)
.click   $9.49
 New TLD (donuts)
 $19.75  New TLD (donuts)
  $35.75  register .co domain Colombia 
 $29.75  register domain New Zealand   $8.50  register domain United Kingdom $16.75  Australian .au domain Australia $35.75  register domain China
  $88.00  register .cx domain Christmas Isl.
  $25.75  register .cz domain Czech Republic
   $9.99  German .de domain Germany
  $16.75  register .dk domain Denmark
.email  $21.75
 New TLD (donuts)
  $14.75  register .es domain Spain
  $11.39  register .eu domain Europe $35.75  register .eu domain Europe
 $35.75  New TLD (donuts)
  $29.75  register .fi domain Finland
  $14.75  register .fr domain France
  $57.75  register .gl domain Greenland
  $16.75  register .gr domain Greece
  $57.75  register .gs domain South Georgia
 $25.75  New TLD (donuts)
  $57.75  register .hk domain Hong Kong
.hosting $35.75 New TLD (donuts)
.house  $35.75
 New TLD (donuts)  $21.75  Australian .au domain Australia
  $14.75  register .in domain India
.institute $21.75
 New TLD
  $88.00  register .is domain Iceland
  $11.39  register .it domain Italy
  $57.75  register .jp domain Japan $25.75  Korean domain Korea
  $35.75  register .lc domain Saint Lucia
  $25.75  register .li domain Liechtenstein

.link   $11.39  New TLD (donuts)
.london $45.00  New TLD (donuts)
  $25.75  register .lt domain Lithuania
.lu     $29.75  register .lu domain Luxembourg
.lv     $29.75  register .lv domain Latvia
.me     $21.75  register .me domain Montenegro   $8.50  British domain United Kingdom
.mobi   $25.75  Sponsored TLD
.ms     $57.75  register .ms domain Montserrat
.mx     $48.75  register .mx domain Mexico
.name   $12.39  generic domain $16.75  Australian .au domain Australia $35.75  register domain China
.nl     $11.39  Dutch .nl domain Netherlands
.no     $25.75  register .no domain Norway
.nyc    $35.75  New TLD (New York)  $8.50  British domain United Kingdom
.ph     $57.75  register .ph domain Philippines
.photos $21.75  New TLD (donuts)
.pics   $21.75  New TLD (donuts)
.pl     $25.75  register .pl domain Poland
.pro    $16.75  register .pro domain professional
.pt     $42.75  register .pt domain Portugal
.pw     $11.39  Palau
.rentals $39.00 New TLD (donuts)
.ro     $57.75  register .ro domain Romania
.ru     $11.39  register .ru domain Russia
.рф     $11.39  Россия .рф домена Russia (Cyr.)
.se     $42.75  register .se domain Sweden
.services $35.75 New TLD (donuts)
.sexy   $24.75  New TLD (donuts)
.si     $29.75  register .si domain Slovenia
.social $35.75  New TLD (donuts)
.support $21.75 New TLD (donuts)
.technology $21.75 New TLD
.tel    $16.75  Sponsored TLD
.tips   $21.75  New TLD (donuts)
.tk      $9.49  register .tk domain Tokelau
.today  $21.75  New TLD (donuts)
.town   $35.75  New TLD (donuts)
.trade  $35.75  New TLD (donuts)
.tv     $57.75  register .tv domain Tuvalu, or TV
.tw     $57.75  register .tw domain Taiwan
.uk     $11.39  register domain United Kingdom
.us      $8.50  register .us domain United States $35.75  register .us domain United States
.wiki   $35.75  New TLD (donuts)
.ws     $29.75  register .ws domain Samoa
.xxx    $88.00  Sponsored TLD
.xyz    $14.75  New TLD (donuts)

  .uk domain TRANSFERS from another registry: you must also submit a request to the losing registrar to retag the domain name to the ISP tag IDS-BS, either short before ordering the transfer here or short after.
**  .ca, .fr, .pro,, and some other domains have specific registration requirements.
***  Several of the country level domains require a legal residence in the country they belong to. However, for non-residents we offer "trustee services" for some of them, for an additional fee:
.de and .jp = free trustee service;  .ca = no trustee service;  others = ask us!
****  .de registration rules: (a) the DENIC registry checks zones when attempting to register; that means you need to already have a HOSTING account set up for the domain you want to register, with the same nameservers you enter here for the registration; (b) nameserver IPs need to be in different sub-nets; (c) local presence in Germany—we automatically provide free trustee service if that is not the case.
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